Gabriela Jurosz-Landa

Shamanic coach - Author - Anthropologist - Art professional 

Initiated into Maya shamanism Gabriela coaches people from around the world.


Experienced in spiritual, intellectual and creative matters, the author of Transcendent Wisdom of the Maya has been a writing about cultural matters for the past two decades. Articles appeared in four languages, published in the BBC, NY Arts, Die Welt, Pressenza, The Seattle Star, the peer-reviewed ANTHROPOS-Journal, her poetry is published in the German-language Anthologie Bibliothek Deutschsprachiger GedichteThe essay Emmigrantenkinder earned a nomination with the Czech journal České listy.

Gabriela lectures and publishes on topics, such as the inter-relation of epistemological,  ethical-spiritual, cultural-political, and legislative ramifications in Western and non-Western societies with a specialization on the Maya, as well as on theory of art and museology--all of it with an outlook to a more inclusive future.


Gabriela's artwork is a spiritual expression of the human place within the universe.



she organizes inter-cultural events and

edits the cultural page 


A member of the advisory board with the jury of the Berlin-based literary competition Federleicht, she recently joined the advisory board of The FlorenceBelskyFoundation.


Gabriela earned her master's degree in anthropology, art history, and psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, with graduate studies in Vienna, Prague, and Berlin.  


Watch the Youtube Video here.